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Data in Fashion and Sports. How Brands Are Staying a Cut Above

The fashion industry is in a state of rapid change... but then that’s nothing new. Top fashion brands have always sprinted from one season to the next. The real challenge is not just keeping pace with change but staying ahead of it.

In the guide:
  • Data challenges in Fashion & Sports
  • Insights from RTB House
  • Data trends in Fashion & Sports
  • Ads that are ready for the cookieless world
  • Expert interviews
  • Retargeting and branding campaigns for Fashion & Sports
  • Generating a deeper passion with Deep Learning
  • 6 tips for better ad campaigns


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tips for better ad campaigns

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It’s hard to thrive–or even survive–without being data-driven.

Jaysen Gillespie

Head of Analytics & Data Science, RTB House

Wearables and sports apps should become a strong link between brands and individual users.

Edo Povel

Country Manager Benelux, RTB House

As the scale of competition increases, hyper-targeted ads become the only way to stand out from the crowd.

Rafał Rysiejko

Business Intelligence Expert, RTB House

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