BoomBit Case study

Successful Re-engagement of Lapsed Hunt Royale Users

Keeping more users active on BoomBit’s flagship battle arena game.

Mobile gaming

1 week

Integration and launch


More operations leading to purchase decisions

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Shorter payback period


About the client

BoomBit is an international game producer and publisher with over 1.4 billion downloads globally, as of 2023. Its flagship title, Hunt Royale, is a mix of an online RPG and MOBA in which players can compete against others in PvE and PvP modes. The game offers 40 varied characters, an engaging progression system, and special in-game events.

What they say about us

"We couldn't be happier with our decision to partner with RTB House for our retargeting needs. We saw rapid integration and campaign ramp-up, followed by ongoing maintenance and fine-tuning of performance once everything was up and running. RTB House exceeded our expectations and proved the value of integrating Deep Learning-based retargeting into our diversified marketing strategy."

Goncalo Martins

VP of Marketing at BoomBit


The challenge

BoomBit launched a retargeting campaign with RTB House in 2023, aiming to re-engage paying users and increase overall revenue. As it was BoomBit’s first-ever campaign with a retargeting partner, we needed to introduce them to the capabilities of our retargeting product, set goals, and prepare compelling banners. The main measure of success would be a positive return on ad spend (ROAS), but RTB House was also challenged to hit other important campaign targets.

We had to achieve KPIs and deliver stable revenue in spite of variances caused by monthly in-game updates. What’s more, the campaign needed to reach users in various regions, including the Americas, EMEA, and Asia.


The solution

Direct integration with the MMP and early sharing of both attributed and unattributed postbacks fed our Deep Learning-powered algorithms with sufficient data flow from the very beginning and ensured a shorter learning period. The campaign also featured deeplink implementation which improved ad performance.

A dedicated in-house creative team prepared and regularly refreshed a mix of static, native, video, and interactive banners with appealing CTAs. The campaign was enhanced by tailored user-group segmentation based on activity/engagement level and LTV. Our Deep Learning-powered bidder’s ability to process up to 2.5 K times more operations leading to purchase decisions than standard market solutions also further improved effectiveness.

Our extensive inventory and strategic partnerships with 100+ supply-side platforms (SSPs), as well as our ability to process up to 10 M auction queries per second, ensured broad coverage across all key regions.


The result

Our algorithms were able to analyze user data and achieve target scale and performance KPIs after just the first week. We re-engaged and maximized revenue from lapsed users from all key markets, including the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, Poland, South Korea, and Japan.

Users retargeted with our solution continued spending well beyond the timeframe set by the campaign's KPI, as our campaign’s payback period was 3.6 times shorter compared to other channels. We were also able to address the seasonality of the campaign by manually adjusting the bidding strategy, resulting in stable revenue in between seasons.

Exceptionally strong and stable performance that surpassed campaign goals on all cohort data from all geographies led BoomBit to continue the partnership beyond the test period and increase the monthly budget by more than 60%. The client also decided to launch separate campaigns dedicated to iOS users.


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