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Personalization Drives Enquiries for Real Estate Portal

RTB House campaigns account for up to 20% of conversions from 20M+ monthly site visits.

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About the client

99.co is a leading real estate technology company that operates real estate portals across South East Asia, specializing in digital property advertising. With their headquarters in Singapore, they are also operational in Indonesia and generate over 20 million visits to their website per month.

What they say about us

"We started using RTB House in 2019 for our retargeting efforts, with the goal of driving our CPA as low as possible by using custom bidding strategies. As our advertising strategy became more ROI-driven, we were able to make better use of our budget thanks to the personalization and effectiveness of Deep Learning algorithms."

Jesslyn Kwong

VP Digital Performance & Solutions, 99.co


The challenge

Having already worked with other retargeting providers before engaging the service of RTB House, 99.co faced the challenge of generating more inquiries with a stable and ideal Cost per Acquisition (CPA). In addition, they were also aiming to increase the volume of inquiries for certain listing categories, namely: Sale and Verified listings. Verified listings are those proven by their team to be authentic and not duplicated.


The solution

RTB House proposed a Deep Learning-powered retargeting campaign based on its expertise in the real estate classifieds vertical, focusing on users most likely to convert. Highly personalized creatives would be utilized based on listings that the users were interested in. The users would be segmented and targeted using different sub-campaigns, with a focus on Sale and Verified listings. The campaign was optimized continuously to maximize the volume of inquiries and to deliver the most efficient CPA.


The result

The implementation of the personalized solutions generated impressive results for 99.co. RTB House delivered a stable CPA that was 2x more efficient than the client’s goal. The proportion of conversions generated by RTB House is up by 20% of the total inquiries received by 99.co. An equally impressive result was seen in the volume of inquiries for Verified listings which increased by more than 10x. Based on these results along with a proactive customer-focused approach, RTB House became the first choice retargeter for 99.co.


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