CASPER Case study

Casper Extends Reach with Next-Generation Streaming Video Ads

Pioneering computer manufacturer sees an incredible 95%+ viewability rate of video ads.

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About the client

Casper is a pioneering computer manufacturer in Turkey which holds an important place in the digital transformation of the Turkish market, offering a wide product range of phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and mini-PCs, as well as products from sub-brands like VIA, Nirvana, and Excalibur.

MooF is a digital marketing consulting company, founded in 2008, which empowers its customers in a number of ways, including performance-related services. MooF aims to optimize the results that brands get from advertising by constantly adapting to emerging technologies and new advertising models.

What they say about us

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At Casper, we knew what we wanted to achieve from the outset. However, the Deep Learning-powered solutions implemented with RTB House actually helped us to exceed these expectations on many levels. As well as increasing brand awareness, we made the consumer journey more exciting by engaging with the right audiences at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Ahmet Beliktay

Director Marketing Corporate Communications

"We aimed to create a brand awareness approach in a more personalized way and maximize visibility accordingly. Instead of standard video platforms and campaign structures, we made the consumer journey more excited by achieving to reach and engage with the right audiences in every stage of the marketing funnel by using RTB House’s personalized Streaming Video Ads which are driven by Deep Learning algorithms."

Gökhan Tüz

Digital Marketing Manager at MooF


The challenge

Casper sought to boost awareness of its sub-brand, Excalibur, in order to keep its solid position within the highly competitive gaming sector. The demands of this domain can be particularly challenging, with a number of market players competing to deliver high performance and mobility. Casper wanted to highlight these aspects of the Excalibur product range, as both Casper and its sub-brands boast some of the most powerful computers on the market. An expectation was then set out for RTB House to use new-generation marketing solutions to reach the right audiences at the right time.


The solution

RTB House teamed up with Casper’s trusted digital marketing agency, MooF, which has a strong background in maximizing advertising performance through emerging technologies, as well as a deep connection to the Casper brand.

RTB House kicked off this campaign by implementing streaming video ads to the branding strategy, using the power of unique Deep Learning technology to reach the right audience with a personalized approach. The self-learning algorithms used in the process are able to show users models closest to their preference.

In addition to the personalized video approach, RTB House employed ContextAI technology to target users who were more likely to engage through relevant website categories to further increase the reach and visibility of the brand.


The result

Leveraging the benefits of Deep Learning technology and ContextAI, RTB House was able to exceed the brand’s goals with especially great results seen in the area of primary awareness campaign KPIs.

Viewability was recorded at an impressive rate of 95.7%, with 106% more clicks and a 65% increase in VCR – all of which gave Casper and Excalibur a competitive advantage in the world of online gaming.


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