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Truly personalized marketing requires a deeper understanding of business. When running campaigns with RTB House, you work directly with a support team dedicated to your industry. We know your challenges inside-out and help you more quickly reach and exceed your targets.
I’m in Fashion Retail
Tailored campaigns
As a fashion brand, you are not only going up against competitors—your own clothing can be found on marketplaces and resale platforms. You also have the challenge of constantly updating collections, fluctuating stock levels, and regular huge sales events. Speed and accuracy are the key. Use Branding campaigns to stay visible and Retargeting to make personalized recommendations that lead to instant conversions and impulse buys.
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I’m part of Home & Garden Retail
I’m in Electronics Retail
I work for a Sports Retail brand
I run a Retail business
I’m into Automotive
I’m a Travel expert
I’m with an Online Marketplace
I run a Price Comparison Site
I’m in Classifieds


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