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Cut-to-Fit Retargeting Strategy Drives Expansion, Doubles ABOUT YOU Revenue

Fashion tech firm fuels growth via precise targeting and custom segmentation.

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About the client

ABOUT YOU brings the shopping mall to the tech-savvy mobile shoppers of today. Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2014, the platform launched as an online fashion retailer with a singular focus on personalized digital shopping experiences. It’s now present in 26 countries in Europe and has become one of Germany’s largest online clothing retailers, reaching unicorn status in 2018. Through its personalized approach, ABOUT YOU has attracted over 2,000 apparel brands and offers customers more than 400,000 products—something to fit everyone’s unique style.

What they say about us

"We’ve had a close and successful partnership with RTB House over the last several years. When we began working together, we were just starting our major expansion in Europe. RTB House has been instrumental in fuelling that growth."

Florian Glashoff

Team Lead Display and Video, ABOUT YOU


The challenge

ABOUT YOU had ambitious plans to solidify its leading market position for web and in-app ecommerce platforms in Germany and carry out a bold expansion plan. The company launched frequent sales promotions with attractive discounts to bolster its position at home and fuel further growth. The scale of the company’s offer and the frequency of sales promotions posed unique retargeting challenges, namely in the complexity of the campaigns and attribution.

In addition to the challenges of expansion and attribution, ABOUT YOU was also already working with a retargeting provider that had been bringing significant sales volume and value to the client’s campaigns. However, we worked alongside the existing vendor as part of a multiple retargeting strategy (MRS). MRSs improve reach and get more conversions by identifying and targeting different user segments.


The solution

Starting in 2019, we created a tailored retargeting plan to maximize performance on web and in-app platforms. To align with ABOUT YOU’s attribution model, we first developed a solution to compile data from their dynamic attribution model and new customer quota requirements and fed it into our proprietary Deep Learning recommendation engine. This ensured as many engaged users saw ads when they were ready to buy.

As ABOUT YOU grew, we supported several first-time expansions into new European markets. During those critical market launch periods, our inventory teams coordinated with the client to amplify scale and performance through cross device retargeting. This ensured peak efficiency on all channels. A custom campaign structure and advanced user targeting helped us to better predict buyer intent and bring in new customers. Thanks to the flexibility of the tailor-made campaign setup and the in-house managed service, we helped ABOUT YOU achieve its growth goals.


The result

ABOUT YOU began working with RTB House in 2019. At the time, ABOUT YOU was present in three markets and once the campaigns were up and running, spend and conversion value increased by an average of 100%. Together with RTB House, the company is currently running campaigns in 26 markets across the continent. RTB House remains integral to the company’s remarketing mix across all its major web and in-app campaigns.

Throughout our work together, ABOUT YOU ran larger-scale campaigns that brought in higher than average revenue and spend share in the display marketing mix in the key markets of the Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Belgium, and Sweden.


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